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Madurai Sambavam tamil movie Kannazhaga song features Harikumar and Anuya. Directed by Yureka, produced by Sunir Kheterpal and Suresh Balaje, music is by John Peter. Madurai Sambavam movie also features Karthika , Radha Ravi, 'Kaadhal' Dhandapani, Santhana Bharathi among others.

Aalamaram (Radha Ravi) is dreaded by his enemies in Aattuthotti in Madurai. He is assisted by his son Kutty (Harikumar) and his son-in-law. Gomathi (Karthika Adaikalam), Kutty’s niece loves him madly. Local MP Cutout Ganesan (Kathal Dhandapani) and DIG (Raj Kapoor), both keen to bump off Aalamaram and Kutty. Caroline Thomas (Anuya Bhagvath), meets Kutty and love blossoms between them. But it is revealed that Caroline uses Kutty just to down Aalamaram. When Kutty comes to know about Caroline's evil nature, plays along with her for the right time to take revenge.

Star Cast: Harikumar, Anuya, Karthika , Radha Ravi, 'Kaadhal' Dhandapani, Santhana Bharathi
Directed by: Yureka
Produced by: Sunir Kheterpal and Suresh Balaje
Music by: John Peter
Cinematography: M Sukumar
Edited by: P Sai Suresh
Production Company: Wide Angle Creations NDTV
Release Date: 4 September,2009

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